Fakeshare is a European project dealing with cooperation and intelligence against the online selling of falsified or illegal medicines through non authorized e-pharmacies or other resellers. Its aim is to develop web tools in order to facilitate t... (Read more)


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Falsified medicinal products made by manufacturers: a real possibility

1. Falsification: the general framework The first case of falsified medicinal product occurred in... (Read more)

Press release - AIFA directions for the European Fakeshare project

AIFA Director General, Luca Pani: “the online selling of counterfeit medicines or dangerous... (Read more)

The Medicrime Convention

The Council of Europe drafted a convention which constitutes, for the first time, a binding... (Read more)

The transposition of Directive 2011/62/EU in Portugal

Following the developments in the European Union law, in particular on medical products... (Read more)

Falsified medicinal products and Health risks

Introduction The trading and the use of falsified medicinal products potentially toxic or simply... (Read more)

Psychological factors affecting the purchase of medicines online: the results of the surveys conducted in Italy, Spain and Portugal

Theoretical Framework Internet is currently one of the largest market. Among the various products... (Read more)

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