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Falsified medicinal products are one of the major threat to public health and safety. As falsifications become more sophisticated and pharmacrime more organised, the risk that falsified medicinal products reach patients in the European Union increases every year and calls for a comprehensive strategy both at European and international level.
Dangerous medicinal products are sold through several distribution channels, above all Internet and the black market. Internet is currently used both by individual and private customers, and by unauthorized intermediaries who buy medicines to resell on the market (sex shops or gyms): two sides of the same problem that requires a common strategy and different instruments.
Among these are the activities in progress in the framework of the European project Fakeshare II and those carried out within the project Fakeshare (I), both of them co-funded by the European Commission under the “Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme”, with the aim of developing a structured system of sharing of information on illegal e-pharmacies and pharmacrime in general.

The public area of the Fakeshare website ( offers to the general public news, documents and in-depth analysis drawn up to raise consumers’ awareness on the risks related to the medicinal products purchased through non-authorized channels.
Ad hoc communication materials and tools have been developed in the framework of the project, in order to meet the need to act in increasing awareness on the risks and to inform about the recent regulation that allows the selling and buying of medicinal products through the Internet in all the Member States of the EU.