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Request of authorisation for on-line selling of medicines in Italy

The Italian Ministry of Health made available on its official website the...(Read more)

The transposition of Directive 2011/62/EU in Portugal

Following the developments in the European Union law, in particular on medical...(Read more)

Falsified medicinal products made by manufacturers: a real possibility

1. Falsification: the general framework The first case of falsified medicinal...(Read more)

Falsified medicinal products and Health risks

Introduction The trading and the use of falsified medicinal products...(Read more)

The transposition of directive 2011/62/UE in United Kingdom

All retail pharmacies operating in the United Kingdom (UK) must be registered...(Read more)

Legal changes after the Directive 2011/62/EU in Spain

The Spanish legislation was revised and updated to incorporate into the Spanish...(Read more)

The transposition of Directive 2011/62/UE in Italy

The transposition of directive 2011/62/EU in Italy, implemented with the...(Read more)

European common logo for online authorized persons offering medicinal products for sale at a distance

By July 2015 it will be possible in all the European Union (EU) to purchase...(Read more)

Press release - AIFA directions for the European Fakeshare project

AIFA Director General, Luca Pani: “the online selling of counterfeit medicines...(Read more)