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The International Conference is addressed to consumers, health professionals, police forces, associations and other public and private bodies, interested in the selling of medicinal products at a distance through the internet. The first session is an overview, through a description of the general framework, of the significant increase in the online purchase of drugs, strictly connected to the strengthening and extension of e-market and social networks. The illegal drugs most... (Read more)


The International Conference of Fakeshare Project held on February 24th in the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices, in Madrid, joins together representatives from the competent authorities, police forces and stakeholders from different European and Latin American countries. The agenda is structured in three sessions, covering a range of topics, from the different actions taken against the illegal sale of medicines over the Internet at national and international level to an... (Read more)


The National Conference "Fakeshare: Partners in combating illegal drug marketing on the internet", intended at Competent Authorities and Police Forces, aims to release the project Fakeshare, nationally, as well as providing the opportunity to present the more practical side, in combating counterfeit drugs, through the presentation and discussion of the activities already developed and to be developed, in terms of cooperation between Competent Authorities. The risks of counterfeit medicines,... (Read more)