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Project "Fakeshare Pills" by Socialfarma

During the conference “Contraffazione, un virus da estirpare” (“Counterfeiting, a virus to be eradicated”) promoted by Federfarma Servizi - the National Association of Intermediary Distribution Companies by Pharmacy Owners - and the Italian Society of Urology, in collaboration with Socialfarma and with the support of AIFA and Carabinieri NAS (the Italian Police Force that deals with health related crimes), held in Rome on May 24, 2017 at the “Nobile Collegio Chimico Farmaceutico”, were presented the so-called "Fakeshare Pills" produced by AIFA and Socialfarma, with the aim of informing the citizens on the dangers of purchasing medicines through unauthorized channels. The project led to the creation of 17 video-clips, available at (Italian only. English subtitles will be soon available).