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Economic Development Ministry

The General Directorate for the Fight against Counterfeiting - Italian Patent and Trademark Office (Direzione generale lotta alla contraffazione – DGLC, Ufficio italiano brevetti e marchi - UIBM) of the Economic Development Ministry operates nationally and internationally to:

  • support innovation and competitiveness of Italian companies and of Italian-made goods on the domestic and foreign markets, first and foremost by ensuring ease of access to the industrial property system
  • to combat counterfeiting through coordinated action which includes a stronger regulatory framework, a new and more effective strategic direction and coherent, well-defined operations to prevent and combat counterfeiting

This dual mandate stems from the consideration that protecting Italian companies with a policy of promoting their intangible assets while increasing their awareness of and encouraging them to protect their industrial property rights cannot but be the necessary prerequisite for any anti-counterfeiting strategy.

The General Directorate role in preventing and combating counterfeiting performs through a series of activities, including:

  • steering and promoting anti-counterfeiting policies
  • systematically monitoring counterfeiting systems and methods with a view to constantly updating anti-counterfeiting systems and methods
  • collecting data on counterfeiting, held by the competent authorities, trade associations and companies concerned
  • managing a database (IPERICO), which gathers and standardizes data on seizures carried out by Customs Agency, Tax Police, Military Police, National Police and Municipal Police, analyzing the data and preparing annual reports on phenomenon trends
  • initiatives to raise awareness, inform and educate consumers
  • link up initiatives with other General Directorates of the Ministry of Economic Development and other Ministries as well as with the police, the Customs Agency and other public bodies involved