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The Fakeshare International Conference, scheduled for October 14, addresses to Regulatory Agencies, Police Forces and Customs Authorities of the Member States; it aims to provide, through the analysis of recent cases, an update on the issues related to the so-called “pharmaceutical crime” and related law enforcement strategies, together with the presentation of the tools developed in the framework of the European project “Fakeshare II”.

The first session is devoted to an in-depth analysis of the phenomenon of falsified medicines, the recent investigations in the field and the description of other emerging pharmacrime issues such as thefts of medicines.

The second session is devoted to an issue closely related to that of falsified medicines, namely the online sale of medicines to the public.

During this session the results of the survey conducted in 2016 in Italy, Spain, Portugal and the UK with the aim of investigating the psychosocial variables that determine the purchase of medicines on the Internet, are presented and examined in depth.

Further issues to be discussed during this second session are the introduction of the European common logo and the impact of the related regulation on the sale at the distance of medicines in the countries participating in the project; the law enforcement activities against the illegal sale of medicines online, carried out at European and extra-European level; the role of social networks in promoting dangerous medicines and the communication campaigns to raise awareness on the health risks.

The last session is devoted to the presentation of the tools developed during the Fakeshare II project, in particular with respect to the optimization of the Fakeshare “HUB”, built and structured with high safety profiles, through which are currently available to registered users over 2,000 documents related to cases of thefts and falsification, analytical results on suspected samples found, scientific articles and ad hoc insights on case studies of interest.

The main aim of the Fakeshare project is indeed to create and implement a common platform for the exchange of information at European level, in order to support investigation and monitoring activities carried out by every EC Member State.

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