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Sapienza University of Rome – Department of psychology

Sapienza University of Rome, founded in 1303, offers a vast array of courses including degree programs, PhD courses, run by 63 Departments and 11 Faculties. Sapienza enhances research by offering opportunities to academia on a global scale. Many foreign researchers and lecturers periodically visit the University and contribute greatly to the quality of education and research programs. About 8,000 foreign students are regularly enrolled at Sapienza.

The Department of psychology was established in 1983 and since 2010 is part of the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology. It has been characterized by the internationalization of research and teaching in various areas of psychology, including: general psychology, cognitive neurosciences and cognitive neuropsychology, psychophysiology, nuerobiology of behavior, personality psychology and individual differences, work and organizational psychology, health psychology, clinical and community psychology, methodology, psychometry and psychological assessment. Researchers at the Department are involved in undergraduate and graduate programs. Research activities are pursued in 24 research laboratories.

Claudio Barbaranelli is full professor of Psychometry and researcher at the Department of psychology. He is the director of the Psychometry Laboratory (, where his research group is doing research on:

  • personality assessment and measurement
  • implicit measurement
  • social-cognitive models
  • occupational health and stress
  • work safety and security
  • problem gambling

He is author of more than 100 articles on national and international journals, 5 books and 10 psychological tests.

The role of Department of psychology - Sapienza Unit in Fakeshare is related to the development and the analysis of psychological profiles of users/customers of online pharmacies. In particular, psychological theories and models (grounded on trait and social psychology) are used as framework for measuring those psychological factors that are associated to the propensity of purchasing online pharmaceutical products. This profiling is developed using online surveys and multivariate statistical analyses. Data are collected in three different countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal) to assure results generalizability.